Sensual Restful Brilliant

“One day I was walking across a bridge and thought I wish I could reach down and pick up a piece of the water surface and keep it forever…”

Working in her studio in Sausalito, California Collier carves water surfaces from acrylic block using a process combining imagination, software and machine tools to capture wind crossing water and the light that results.


A Little Blue Ocean 24" x 16" x 2" (variable)

Studio Tour: The Art and Technology

Featured Series: Dark Water

Dark Water 24" x 16" x 2" Beautifully Displayed in a Home

The Dark Water series is inspired by looking at rivers at night. Lively water running in darkness, silent but glinting with moon or city lights. These works are wonderful to place on a table or other horizontal surface where you can look at the piece and experience it walking past and from all sides.

Within the Dark Water series are works of various sizes such as the pictured 24″ by 16″ Dark Water as well as larger pieces such as 48″ by 30″ and a monumental work called Grand which is 22″ by 4′ and presented in three sections. Grand was exhibited in the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Another work within the Dark Water series is The Flood which is 80″ by 48″ created after super storm Sandy and exhibited in New York City at Scope New York. Flood is a dark green in contrast to the very deep blue black of the other works within the Dark Water Series.

Finishing The Flood in the Sausalito Studio

After Hours in The Gallery

The Flood on View in New York City

Documenting Grand in Sausalito Studio

Installed in Grand Rapids Art Museum

Enthusiastic Reception